Stop stretching your sciatica

Sciatica? Stop Stretching!

Have you ever felt a sudden onset of pain in the butt, hamstring or down the calf? Maybe it even felt like burning or tingling? Your back may hurt too, and getting up from sitting feels brutal. Your first instinct to to try to stretch your legs, and it actually feels worse! Unfortunately, you may […]

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Dr. Wasserman catching an Atlantic Sailfish

Bulletproof Your Body for Paddling

Those of you who know me and have been to our office probably know that one of my favorite hobbies is kayaking. I specifically enjoy offshore kayak fishing. This involves paddling my kayak out into the ocean approximately 3 miles off the beach. Total paddling distance can be up to 18 miles in a day […]

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Woman with scoliosis

What’s the Deal with Scoliosis?

Some of you may remember an experience many of us had in middle school. One day, you got sent to the locker room or gymnasium and a nurse told you to bend over and touch your toes. You just experienced the scoliosis screen, known to doctors as Adam’s test. This test is still being done […]

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Medicare Benefits Explained for 2023

Medicare Benefits Explained for 2024

Every January I cover the topic of Medicare benefits. Insurance plans restart and we get a new influx of patients who are confused or misinformed about their benefits. There are also frequently patients who are using Medicare for the first time and are unaware about how their new benefits work. Here I present to you, […]

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Wooden figure fallen on the ground

One Rep Max Living

If you've been a patient in my office, you know that I make rehabilitative exercise a part of every treatment plan for every patient. Exercise is the number one word that reappears over and over again in the research for improving musculoskeletal disorders. As someone who practices exclusively evidenced-based treatment, that means I'd be doing […]

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I Threw My Back Out

I Threw My Back Out & Other Myths

Has another chiropractor ever told you your rib is out? Or you threw your back out? Or your legs are uneven? Because every week our patients come in with these supposed diagnoses. These are painfully inaccurate descriptions that come from trying to turn a complex topic into a simple explanation. A big part of a […]

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How to Stop Chronic Pain for Good

Most people originally come to us because they want to stop feeling pain. That's their main goal. Others want more. They want to do things like play golf better, lift their grand-kids, exercise without hurting, or go on hikes during vacations. We can help both types of people in our office: those who just want […]

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Do I Have A Frozen Shoulder?

As a chiropractor, I treat a wide variety of conditions in my practice. One of the most challenging and debilitating issues my patients face is frozen shoulder. Also known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder is a condition characterized by stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. In this article, I will shed light on what […]

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Woman demonstrating a variety of postures

Can Chiropractic Improve Posture?

The answer is yes, but probably not in the way that you think. Every day people visit the chiropractor to improve posture, but most misunderstand the methods in how this is achieved. First, we need to understand a few things: what is good and bad posture? What are the misconceptions patients have about how chiropractic […]

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