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Big News: Now Offering New Service!

Every year, health insurances companies have increased insurance premiums for their customers, while simultaneously lowering reimbursement for health care providers. Patients pay more, doctors get less, and insurance companies keep the bulk of the profits.

Typically, this results in clinics trying to fit more patients into the same amount of time in a day. As I'm sure many of you have experienced in other clinics, this inevitably leads to shorter patient visits, decreased quality of care, and the feeling that you are just another widget in an assembly line receiving a cookie-cutter approach.

Our Pledge to You

At Tidal Chiropractic, our commitment to the highest quality care is unwavering. We find it unacceptable to provide anything but the best care possible. Our clinic was not started to become a commodity that you can find anywhere. You will never feel like you're in a factory in our clinic.

We will always provide one-one-one patient visits that use the latest techniques and methods for achieving your health goals. Through chiropractic adjustments, various soft tissue and manual therapy techniques, and most importantly, customized rehabilitative exercise plans to get you to perform and function optimally in your sport, activity, work, and life.

We recognize that many of our patients are satisfied with their quality of care they receive at our clinic, and that cost is a significant consideration in their health care choices. The last thing we want to do is alienate happy patients who are already enjoying our service.

Therefore, we have decided to adopt a hybrid model where both sets of patients can enjoy the level of service they desire. If you are currently happy with the care you receive from us, no worries, you can continue to rely on the great care and service you have always received. Nothing will change for you. However, if you are ready to take advantage of a higher level of care never before seen at your other chiropractic clinic experiences, please read on.

Introducing Tidal Performance

We are pleased to announce a new tier of service at Tidal Chiropractic: Tidal Performance. Please be advised that you cannot use your health insurance benefits with this service.

This new service includes extended appointment times that last 30 minutes every session. You will receive a combination of soft tissue therapies, chiropractic adjustments (if indicated, not required), as well as customized, rehab exercise programming that will be specific to your sport or activity. We may also work on multiple areas on complaint instead of simply focusing on the chief complaint.

What type of patient is ideal for this service?

  • Active adults ages 30-64 who have been injured during exercise and wants to return pain-free.
  • Active adults ages 30-64 who want to be active but experience pain when they exercise.
  • Weekend warriors who love playing sports but long stressful hours at work prevent them from getting proper care.
  • Youth & college athletes who were injured in their sport.
  • People who take their health very seriously and aren't interested in relying on medication for pain.
  • They are interested in long-term, lasting relief and believe exercise, nutrition, and proper stretching are the keys to health longevity.


If you are ready to achieve a higher level of performance with long-lasting results, please contact us by completing the form below. We will reach out to discuss details and see if you are the right fit for this new program. If after the free discovery call we determine you are the right candidate, we will create a plan to achieve your health goals.


Dr. Alex Wasserman