Neck pain is a frequent complaint we encounter and a variety of conditions can be responsible for neck symptoms. Sometimes other symptoms are associated with neck pain, such as headaches.

Woman with neck painAnimation of cervical spine

What is causing my neck pain?

There are many diagnoses associated with neck pain, however the vast majority of complaints we see are not traumatic injuries in nature. This is essentially a de-conditioning of the supporting muscles of the neck and upper body and results in chronically poor posture and causes pain and degeneration over period of time.

Other types of neck injuries include whiplash, which can be caused by a car accident or traumatic fall. The muscles in the neck tighten up to protect your head from injury, causing strains or tearing in the neck muscles. Disc injuries or disc herniations are another type that can be caused by traumatic injury, but also degeneration of the tissues as we age.

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