Neck pain is a frequent complaint we encounter and a variety of conditions can be responsible for neck symptoms. Sometimes other symptoms are associated with neck pain, such as headaches.

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What is causing my neck pain?

Neck pain is one of the most common issues that brings patients to our office. It is caused by various factors, but the most common reasons are not due to a sudden injury. Rather, it's because of poor posture that we develop over time, caused by the weak muscles supporting our neck and upper body. This leads to constant pain and degeneration.

However, we do occasionally see traumatic neck injuries. One common example of this is whiplash, a type of neck injury that can occur from car accidents or falls. The neck is jerked suddenly and the muscles in the neck tighten up to protect the head. This can result in strains or tears in the neck muscles.

Disc injuries or herniations are another type of neck pain that can be caused by traumatic injury, or simply from the aging process. The soft tissues between the vertebrae, or neck bones, wear down and can cause bulging. This can cause additional problems, such as nerve pain that causes symptoms such as numbness, tingling and weakness into the arms.

Another type of neck pain we see is caused by stenosis, or narrowing of your spinal canal. This can also cause numbness and tingling into the arms. In more severe circumstances can cause weakness in the muscles. Chiropractic and rehabilitative exercise have shown to be very helpful in the treatment of this condition.

It's important to see a doctor or a specialist if you are experiencing neck pain, as they can help determine the cause and come up with a plan for treatment. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment options can include physical therapy, medication, or even surgery in some cases. It's important to use more conservative options to prevent permanent, invasive, and unnecessary surgical procedures. So if you're experiencing neck pain, don't hesitate to reach out for help!

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